Case Study

Strauss Theater Case Study

Strauss Theater Case Study

Whether working for your-self or in a team environment, Case Studies are a vital part of graphic design. These types of studies are usually conducted for the purpose of branding or showcasing an individuals’ or groups’ talent and perspective of how the project would best be perceived.

A Design Brief is the first deliverable of the case study, and is created after the conversation with the client. This document serves as an outline that defines the opportunities & limitations of the project. The brief also establishes a time-frame that assigns a deadline for the designer to work against.

The creative process can evolve from multiple techniques. Creating a physical collage, made from tangible articles, is a great way of enhancing a designer’s perception of an idea. A digitized image of the collage, created through photography, can then be composed using the Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator software programs.

There are several different types of deliverables associated with any case study, which includes designing a logo that is specific to the project. The logo is a key element as it is a reference to the project base, and should be included in the design of all pieces of the study. Postcards & tri-fold brochures are examples of smaller tangible items to be included as well. With regard to environmental situations such as billboards, vehicle wraps, & wearable apparel, designers are tasked with presenting the information on a larger scale while keeping the messages readability maintained. From a web development standpoint, it is also essential to create mock-ups of a website’s home page and web banner advertisements using Adobe Photoshop software.

In summary, every created piece of the case study should have a consistent theme and feeling of cohesiveness.

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