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The World Wide Web has been connecting people to the Internet for many years, and the concept of Website Development has become a part of everyday life for Graphic Designers. Websites contain informative content and can be created for just about anything such as, individuals, groups, organizations, or charities. Whether designing a personal portfolio of your work or promoting a product, websites are developed through the use of HTML code, scripts, and navigation which are combined together to create an interactive & dynamic website.

One of the earlier programs created for website development, Adobe Dreamweaver, uses a system of containers, div tags, & HTML code to place content at specific locations on a web page. To a novice web designer, this program can appear somewhat overwhelming because of its intricacies. Fortunately, Adobe Muse has since been developed, and makes website designing much simpler than before. This new software allows the designer to drag & drop images, buttons, forms, and several widgets that are stored in panels on the workspace. Hyperlinks & Anchors can be used for parallax scrolling effects, and videos & image galleries can be placed freely about the web page at will. Dedicated Header & Footer area can also be established to ensure uniformity across the site.

Website development is one of the most important skills that a designer can learn when contracting freelance clients or working for a full-time employer because the Internet is becoming the way of the future regarding the delivery of information to the world.


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