Concert Event Poster

Concert Event Poster

Concert Event Poster

Everyone enjoys music, and one of the best methods that musicians inform their fans of performances is through posting a Concert Event Poster. Graphic designers are tasked with creating printed advertising & marketing material that is informative, effective, and unique. A favorite program that designers’ employ when creating digitally produced media is Adobe Illustrator because of its functionality with vector graphics and their scalability factor. The Pen Tool can be used to draw shapes, which can then be filled & blended with surrounding shapes to create a smooth appearance. By using the Color-Picker Tool, a designer can select colors from original images to help create the shadows & shading effects depicted on the original, giving the design an almost identical, lifelike result. Another effect that designers can apply to shapes to enhance the smoothing of the image is the Gaussian Blur effect. By using a slight blur, lines and rough edges around individual shapes can be made to appear invisible. Adobe Illustrator is equipped with several brush libraries; however, by using the Pen Tool, designers can create original brushes in order to draw items such as animal fur or hair.

Content information such as who, what, when, where, & sometimes why should be placed strategically on the Concert Event Poster using distinct Typography to compliment the imagery on the poster. These same principles should be applied when designing CD covers and album art.


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