Interactive Magazine & Newspaper

Image of Interactive newspaper

Interactive Magazine & Newspaper

Can you remember the last time you stopped by a newsstand or bookstore to purchase a magazine or newspaper? Today, through the rapid advancement of technology, it is just as easy to read these types of periodicals on-line. Digital Interactive Magazines & Newspapers are increasing in popularity as the affordability of tablets and smaller media viewing devices has been made available. Digital magazines that engage the reader through interaction, have proven to keep the viewer interested and wanting to explore more of the magazines rich, bold, and vibrant content. This content is normally created & designed using Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator software programs.

On-line periodicals with clickable links that reveal more of a story, or YouTube videos of a corresponding event are just a few examples of user interaction. Videos and scrolling text boxes can also be embedded on individual pages to enhance the experience. Lightboxes or thumbnail galleries, as well as sound effects can be applied to all sorts of elements throughout the publication to add some extra flair. These elements, used sparingly, include text, images, motion-graphics, and pages, and should be placed strategically as not to distract from the content. Because of its extreme versatility in Digital Publishing, Adobe InDesign software is the recommended platform when designing interactive magazines & newspapers.


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