Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design for TwinEagles Club

Wherever you look, the Art of Logo Design surrounds us. From a single word, to a small phrase, to a picture or hand drawn object, a logo is a vital element to any method of packaging. Whether promoting your-self to a potential employer or client to selling a product to a consumer, the logo is the key symbol of identification to a particular person or product. Depending on the amount of detail in the composition, logos can be very simple or extremely complex. Images that are created for logos should always be drawn as vector art by using using the Adobe Illustrator software. As a designer, complexity has to be considered because a logo is designed to be scalable, and should retain its readability when viewed as a 1” X 1” image on smaller pieces of printed material, such as business cards or letterhead. As a general rule of thumb, “the simpler the better” is a good influence for creating memorable, symbolic imagery.

Color is another element a designer needs to consider, because printing can be a very costly expense. Logos designed using only 2-Color methods tends to be less expensive because of the amount of ink necessary to reproduce the image multiple times. As technology has improved over the years, 4-Color printing, or CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black), has become more affordable and not as concerned about today. Because the logo is a vital piece of the branding process, it is usually the first item created by the designer. The color scheme of the logo normally sets the tone and theme for the remainder of the branding activity. A separate Black & White or Gray-Scale version of the logo should also be created for deliverables, such as inter-office memorandums or newspaper advertisements, where color is not a necessity.


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