Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Everywhere you look today, the world of Packaging Design is all around. The key to designing containers to hold a product involves creating an image to appear seamless, as the package is rotated 360°. For the most part, containers are designed using vector graphics that have been created with Adobe Illustrator software. Another key feature of packaging design is the ability to use die-cut windows in order for the consumer to view inside the packaging. This approach can add a more visually appealing feel to the design that can improve the products likelihood of being chosen over a competitor. This type of graphic design usually starts from an original 2D template to match the product with custom folds that allow the design to be folded and sealed together to contain the product.

Packaging Design incorporates both sides of a designer’s brain, for not only does the designer have to consider creating an eye-catching design that sets it apart from other products, the designer also has to take into account the required legal information for the package. This information includes copyrights, nutritional values, ingredients, bar code, logo, manufacturer or company contact, & recycling icon if the package was made using recycled materials. A great designer needs to be equipped with the skills & knowledge to properly incorporate unique & informative design while placing all legal requirements at key locations throughout the packaging without distracting from the consumer.  


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