Stop Motion Full-Length Video


Stop Motion Animation, in its earliest form, can be traced back as far as the early black and white cartoons, where hand-drawn images that were changed ever so slightly from one drawing to the next were pieced together to create a feeling of motion. Today, with the assistance of a camera and a few friends, the feeling of motion can be accomplished using real-life objects and photography. Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects are two very powerful design programs that make video production a breeze for the graphic designer.

Manipulating & cropping the numerous photographs to size in Adobe Photoshop is only a portion of the necessary components for a full-length feature video. Some other components needed in the design are an Animated Logo, an Opening Title Sequence, and a Rolling Credits Screen. One of the finest programs to employ in the design of these sections is Adobe After Effects.

This Stop Motion Animation was created using over 200 photos, and took over eight hours on location to shoot. This was one of my favorite projects I completed while attending Hodges University. A huge thank you goes out to my friends, Wade Lessard and Arin Mortinsen, for assisting me on location.


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